Thank you, friends

I need to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have sent supportive messages. Thank you to those of you who called. Those of you who told me that you wish you’d known sooner.  I wish I’d leaned on you back then, but I was 18 and was so ashamed.  
Here is your “there are gonna be a lot of four letter words in here” warning for those of you who don’t like swearing (why are we friends?  Seriously, tell me why in a message or something because I have no idea).
I also need to say good fucking riddance. Good riddance to those of you who said horrible things and who I unfriended and blocked. What did I expect drinking at a party? I expected to have fun with my friends and go get taco bell after and to wake up the next day feeling like shit, like the other times I’d been to those parties. What did I expect dressed like that? I expect you to tell me that I look nice, to even wolf whistle, but not to tell me that I “probably looked like a whore” and certainly not that “girls who dress like that are asking for it.”  If you think that way?  Get the fuck out of my life.
Enough about those assholes, and fuck them.  Not literally.  A note here.  Raping the men who did this?  That isn’t gonna help anything. I understand the whole “RAPE THEM” but no.  It won’t help anyone.
I have a lot of thoughts about what’s been in the news lately.  I was pretty much silent for over 20 years, and now I can’t shut up about it.   Things at Baylor got me fired up.  This has me fucking LIVID.  If you’re tired of hearing about it, the unfollow button is up there somewhere.  I’m glad I finally opened my big mouth about this issue, and I will not shut up.
Brock Turner has been convicted of things that mean he’s convicted of raping an anonymous woman.  For those of you who wonder who she is?  It’s not your fucking business.  Let her try to live her life. It took me over 20 years to come out about this.  Those of you who wonder what the charges are?  Google it.  I’m fucking tired of googling this asshole.  He’s going to jail for six months (*three with good behavior which is a fucking joke) and will probably be out in three.
So.  That’s a thing.  So many of you have stood by me. So, thanks, friends.

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