So now I’m all in

It’s 2012, and I’ve seen the Tigers at two parks, and I have an idea.  The Tigers are going to be in Cleveland for my birthday, so I should go there.  At my last job, I used vaca time to go to Hawaii.  I can’t afford Hawaii, but I can afford Cleveland.  I book my flight, I buy my tickets (omg full price, I was so naive), and I go.  I sleep through the first few innings, but I get there, and I’m starting to think about why  I’m doing this. The Tigers win, they lose the next one, and I head home.

I’ve traveled all over the place to see people and do things, so why not travel to all the ball parks?  It’s an idea in the very back of my mind, but it’s there.

What do you know about baseball?

Admittedly?  Not much, but more than the guy asking.  I was at a bar, and I mentioned that I’d been in Cleveland and maybe I could see the Tigers play in all of the ballparks.

“It’s not possible because of the lack of interleague play.”

My brain started working as I told him that he was probably right.

“But what if you’re wrong? They’re doing more of it lately, right?”

“What if I can see the Tigers play in all the parks? I’ve got a couple already.”

And I waited for the 2013 schedule to come out because why not.

I have 13 parks to go. 12 after this weekend. Because interleague play.

I’m not patient.



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